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03 January 2015

I added a Comment Section For Fans . The comment panel is mirrored across 4 sections of the website... Home, Guestbook, Music, and The documentary section.You Can Leave Your Name And a Comment...

04 January 2016

I Added a page  for info about The Documentary "BEHIND THE VEIL" The Dawn Crosby Story ..Link is on the Home Page within the Heart


28 December 2015

Hi , I am the new Webmaster of Fear-Of-God.com ...Thanks to prior Webmaster Richard Karsmakers-de Leeuw van Weenen , He was kind enough to turn the webmastering etc. over to me to update and maintain the website and such..I have updated the Link section with a Dawn Crosby Facebook Fan Page, just right click on the link to open in new page, ive updated the Gallery section with new photos of Allies that Steve Jacobs had shared. Also changed the date of last modification to site to December 28 2015, ill be updating frequently 17 January 2013

After two and a half years of the site being static, Mike Carlino contacted me to say "Within the Veil" is now available on iTunes! So that info's been added to the "Buy" section. It also got me motivated again to add/change stuff. Expect a more major update in the near future, including new video clips (and them all being actually embedded!).

31 July 2010

Extended the song intro lyrics section of Détente songs.

3 February 2010

Added more extensive biographic info about Tiina Teal in the Members section.

30 January 2010

Added Détente band info about the spring 2010 European tour (in the FAQ), new singer (Members section) and new album. Also enhanced the Music section with several new video clips as well as some bigger/better versions of ones that were there before.

7 July 2009

A decent site update will happen in the near future. This time I have added the possibility to get your greedy paws on Fear of God and Détente T-shirts! Not really cheaply, unfortunately, but there is no profit in it for me at least.

11 June 2009

In lieu of a decent site update (I have located some more former band members and more videos that will be added in due course) I have updated the "Buy" section as people were running into trouble getting "Within the Veil".

12 August 2008

FAQ extended and updated, band bio extended with pre-Allies band information, and band members information has pre-Allies and reunion Détente reunion information added. Most interestingly, the 'Music' section has been enhanced to include downloads to quite a few videos!

23 January 2008

Exciting news about the Détente reunion added to the "News" section. Also updated the stock numbers of the items for sale.

4 May 2007

Changed the announcement mailing list thing in the main home page. Also updated the stock numbers of the items for sale.

18 March 2007

Updated the 'Buy' section.

6 January 2007

Updated some member biographies, the lyrics (thanks to Sheba), the band history (more info about First Attack, thanks to Steve Jacobs), the gallery (private pictures from George Robb's archives added, press pictures added (thanks Markus Mayer!), nice big Détente T-shirt logo added (thanks Kevin Campos!)), the discography, the FAQ, the 'buy' section, the 'links' section, the 'bootlegs' section and the 'news' section. Removed the links to the DirectMusic message boards. Also, there is tremendously good news for fans of "Recognize no Authority" due to an official remaster having been released last month, YEAH! I've got some press stuff (old article scans) lined up for future inclusion, but I didn't have time to add those at the moment. So keep your eyes peeled!

14 July 2006

Updated the FAQ with quite a few tour dates; updated the "Buy" page with lower prices and current "in stock" statistics; all MP3s now hosted natively;

13 February 2005

Finally another decent update. Added pictures to the gallery and enhanced the Allies description with Scott McDaniel's bio. I also added some current band information to the entries of Chris Kalandras and Rob Michael in the Band Members department. Added a cool fan comment. Ditched the short WAV fragments of Allies and the "Killing the Pain" demo and replaced them by full-length MP3s.

13 July 2004

I have removed the Yahoo Groups stuff.

16 April 2004

Updated the 'buy' section, and also added PayPal buttons for easier payments.

23 October 2003

Updated the 'buy' section.

1 August 2003

Ron DeBlanc, currently in Antoninus with original Détente drummer Dennis Butler, has sent some cool scans that went into the picture gallery - including a very rare picture of Allies! He also supplied me with some additional gig dates (Allies and Détente) that went into the FAQ. Blair Darby, original "Within the Veil" bass player, also provided me with some bio specs.

24 June 2003

The 'Buy' section was updated, reflecting the current statistics of items I have available.

10 May 2003

Updated the "Buy" and "Discography" section to reflect the release of the "Treasure Trove" Fear of God rare and live stuff compilation. Chris Kalandras also told me something more about himself, so the "Bio" section has been updated a bit, too.

3 May 2003

Been in touch with "Toxic Voodoo" guitarist Chris Kalandras. Due to this, I have been able to update the Members Biography section on him, and parts of the "Toxic Voodoo" section of the FOGgy FAQts.

8 April 2003

Finally I had some time. I feel all guilty... Anyway, parts updated include the Members Biography section (Steve Cordova's and George Robb's info), the FAQ (gig dates added) and the links. Also, a fan comment by Mike Pippen has been added (Mike, contact me about that Détente CD you wanted, please!).

30 March 2003

Even though in the mean time I have had plenty of reasons to do an update (I got contacted by George Robb and Steve Cordova) I have found no time to do stuff until today. Changes include some extra tour dates in the FAQ.

5 January 2003

Finally I made some time to do the many little changes that needed to be done. The news and band members sections have been upgraded to reflect the birth of Steve Hochheiser's second child, Hannah. Other things I've done: Added a link to a Have Mercy fan site in the Have Mercy band sub-page; added info on Chuck Stadulis to the band members section and updated the info on Steve Stamato; added/updated parts of the lyrics section (thanks to Sheba Q); verified all external links (and added new ones where needed); changed some contact details in the bootlegs section.

19 December 2002

Almost no changes again, even though I have quite a bit of stuff that was sent to me. I will get down to a full update around Christmas. For now, however, I just updated a few links, added "RNA" 'rerelease' info and added info for a third copy of the original Pricekiller version of that CD that I have for sale. I heard that this original album was limited to only 500 copies...

14 October 2002

Almost no changes, except that I am now offering for sale two rare Détente "Recognize no Authority" CDs. Check out the 'Buy' section for details.

18 August 2002

For some silly reason I hadn't yet tried to find Ross Robinson's company on the web. Well, I found it and included the link in the links page. Hopefully he will also reply to an email I sent so these pages can be improved more.

1 August 2002

Improved the quality of a few pictures in the Gallery. I have an HP Scanjet 3200c, but the software that comes with it rather, um, sucks. Today I discovered that, basically, the 3200c is an Umax 1220P scanner in an HP box. I went to the Umax site to search for drivers and found some seriously trippin' drivers and scanning software that allowed me to re-scan some of the pictures in superior quality. Good stuff!

20 July 2002

Added some nice news concerning Steve Hochheiser. Corrected some CSS style stuff.

19 July 2002

It was about time I did a decent update again. For starters I have removed the 'news' snippets about a "Within the Veil" re-release because I haven't heard from Mike Carlino for almost a year now and I'd rather spread news that won't end up disappointing the fans. I also updated Steve Cordova's part of the biographies, and updated the statistics of the 'buy' section. The Catalepsy page has been enhanced, as well as the Pessimist one. The Giant's Lore link has been removed everywhere (sadly, this site stopped). The discography has been enhanced. The gallery has pictures added of Caleb and "Toxic Voodoo" era (summer 1994, Brighton Bar and Edgewater). The FAQ has some additional gig dates added.

3 August 2001

In the past week, my life has changed from security to total emotional turmoil since my wife has announced that she wants to divorce me. Us not having simply grown in different directions, I can't cope with it very well. The only things that changed to this web site is the 'buy' section, which has been enriched with an original cassette tape version of "Recognize no Authority". If you're interested, check it out.

25 July 2001

The first update in a while, though not too major. The internal layout has been improved via those Cascading Style Sheets. Also, the Imusic bulletin board URLs have been altered to reflect changes there, and the 'buy' section has been updated. Some links were checked and added, too. The Listbot mailing list thing had been dumped (they will soon discontinue their free service). A replacement is being worked on.

13 June 2001

Corrected a few fairly terrible HTML closing tag errors. No contents change.

15 May 2001

The Cascading Stylesheet setup should now prove better for "Opera" browsers. Here's hoping. Also, a picture of a certain former Détente member with offspring has been added! Further modifications: Bootlegs section extended, FAQ slightly extended.

19 April 2001

Improved the 'Music' section by replacing "Drift" with a full-fledged MP3, and adding "White Door" and "All that Remains" (MP3, too). Thanks once again to Kevin Nunn for hosting these files. The discography was extended with the "Hit the Pavement" compilation. Also, the cronos@fear-of-god.com email address was properly configured; it seems I have not been able to receive email there so far, ever. So if you mailed me something, please re-send.

5 April 2001

I looked into the theory behind Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) a bit. The result should be better browser compatibility, especially in Netscape (from 4.x). It looks like shit in Opera 5.x because their implementation of the background CSS seems different. Well hey. I also corrected Randy Bobzien's date of birth.

16 March 2001

There were a few bugs in the Javascript here and there. They have been fixed to the best of my abilities.

9 March 2001

After a few long nights the site is ready to be seen. In fact it's not a beta version or something, it's the real thing. I am pretty happy with it. I live off positive feedback, so if you want to share any of that, don't hesitate to send me your comments!

7 March 2001

Site is being utterly and completely overhauled, corrected and redesigned, largely rewritten and also made solely into the Official Détente / Fear of God / Dawn Crosby site. Fog has become merely a 'related band'. There are many reasons, including Fog's demise, Mike Carlino's wishes, and myself wanting to make a site that rather more reflects the way I have developed as a web author (some subtle Javascript bits, most notably). So far, the site is for local development only.



Before March 2001, this page was also the official Fog site and located at Jezabelsdream.com.



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