If there is ever any news related to Détente, Fear of God, or former band members, this is the place to find it. I can guarantee you there's no place where you can get this kind of information any earlier.

04 January 2016

I Added a page  for info about The Documentary "BEHIND THE VEIL" The Dawn Crosby Story ..Link is on the Home Page within the Heart

03 January 2016

On the  Section called "Guestbook" I added a Comment Section For Fans   Its also mirrored across the webpage on the Home page, Music Page, and The documentary Page..You Can Leave Your Name And a Comment...


 28 December 2015  

Hi , I am the new Webmaster of Fear-Of-God.com ...Thanks to prior Webmaster Richard Karsmakers-de Leeuw van Weenen , He was kind enough to turn the webmastering etc. over to me to update and maintain  the website and such..I have updated the Link section with a Dawn Crosby Facebook Fan Page, just right click on the link to open in new page, ive updated the Gallery section with new photos of Allies that Kane Andable had shared. Also changed the date of last modification to site to December 28 2015, ill be updating frequently 30 January 2010

Finally news, and what news! Détente are recording a new album, titled "Decline", with produced Bill Metoyer and new vocalist Tiina Teal (check out biography section). Shows in Europe are planned too! Check the FAQ for dates.

25 June 2008

Due to scheduling conflicts, Mike Carlino can't join the line-up. So the various July 2008 gigs will be played by Dennis, Steve and Caleb, with Anne on vocals.

23 January 2008

DÉTENTE Line-up Change: Michael Carlino (FEAR OF GOD) Joins Reunion!
We are pleased to announce that Michael Carlino (DÉTENTE, FEAR OF GOD) has joined forces with Ann Boleyn (Hellion) and original DÉTENTE members Dennis Butler, Caleb Quinn, and Steve Hochheiser.
Due to scheduling conflicts Juan Garcia (Agent Steel) was unable to play. The bands continue to be mutual friends and supporters with possible Agent Steel/Détente shows in the future.

8 December 2007

From the official RNA Myspace site: "Ann Boleyn (Hellion) and Juan Garcia (Agent Steel) have joined forces with original Détente members Dennis Butler, Caleb Quinn and Steve Hochheiser. In addition to Headbanger's Open Air, Détente will play additional selected dates in the USA."

22 November 2007

It's been buzzing for a while, but it's been confirmed: There will be a kind of Détente reunion! It will take place at Headbangers Open Air XI, from 24 to 26 July 2008, Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany.

6 January 2006

Last December saw the release of the official remaster of Détente's "Recognize no Authority"! Work was done by none less than original member Steve Hochheiser.
Says Steve, "When you remaster you are really doing equalization, you are not dealing with the mix. Roadrunner could not locate the originals so a remix was out of the question. Luckily the original production was very good. Basically in the 80's everything thrash was mastered with thought to cost rather then quality. The oiginal Price Killer CD is very muddy with a lot of low end. Working with Brad Vance at RedMastering (Flotsam and Armored Saint reissues, Cannibal Corpse) we focused on bringing out the mid range to add definition and make the sound crisper. We also brought a more consistent decibel level across all of the songs - for whatever reason the original side two dropped a DB in the recording (maybe we were tired!). So across the board you will find it to be very competitive to today's recordings with the exception of reverb! The 80's were big on reverb but this would have to be solved in the mix; I would have loved to have cleaned up the drums, double kicking does not require reverb."
Check out Steve's Myspace page for more info.
Also very interesting: Ares Kingdom have recorded a cover of "Vultures in the Sky" which will be released on a spring 2007 single entitled "Failsafe" out on NWN! Productions. Check out their site at www.ares-kingdom.com.

13 February 2005

It should be worth noting that Mike Carlino has been spotted recording lead and rhythm guitar on Naked Soul's "Leap of Faith" (Jacoda records, 2002) on the songs "Run for Cover", "The Little Picture" and "Rumour Has It". he also co-wrote "The Little Picture". The album's been described as "Classic Rock, Melodic Pop meets Classic Soul with a slight detour towards the Blues, with a dash of smooth jazz, new age and fusion..."

10 May 2003

After waiting for about three years, as well as repeated contact attempts that went unanswered, I have gone ahead and made a cool rare/live Fear of God compilation myself. Entitled "Treasure Trove" it contains the coolest rare and live stuff I have in my Fear of God collection. Check out the buy section for more information!
If I ever get my hands on the supposed high quality live Country Club recordings of Détente or Fear of God, or the vocal-less recordings laid down for what was supposed to become "Beyond the Veil" (and if none of the original people involved contact me to complain about what I've done so far) it is very well possible that a "Treasure Trove Volume II" will be released in the future.

5 January 2003

Steve Hochheiser and his wife Kelly were blessed with a a daughter, Hannah, born 27 November 2002. Congratulations!

19 December 2002

A "re-issue" of Détente's "Recognize no Authority" was released late summer 2002. However, this is a pirate/bootleg/illegal/whatever CD. Check out the discography for more info.


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