Below you will find all known information about members formerly in Détente and/or Fear of God. It is as yet rather incomplete, with rather too many questions marks.


"Within the Veil" Fear of God line-up

Michael Carlino. December 17 1963 (Camden, New Jersey). Guitar in New Jersey cover bands in the early 80's while in highschool. Moved to L.A. in 1985. Played guitar in Détente (1986 - 1990) and Fear of God (1991 - 1992). He runs a music store in Philadelphia (some say it's a cell phone shop) and he is recording an instrumental album during weekends. He's married.

Dawn Crosby: April 5 1963, Maryland - December 15 1996. Vocals in Allies, First Attack, Détente and Fear of God (-1996).

Steve Cordova: August 11 1964, Albuquerque. Drums in Prowler (before Fear of God), Fear of God (1991). Steve is married to Beverly and they have four girls and one boy. He is still busy writing music.

Blair Darby: 22 August 1968, Kingston, Jamaica. Bass in various garage bands (pre-Détente), Détente (1989 - 1990), Do It For Johnny (1997-2001) and Fear of God (1991 - 1992). He has been a yoga teacher in the Santa Monica area since 1993, but he's still keen on putting together a band.


"Recognize no Authority" Détente line-up

Dennis Butler. December 24 1960 (San Diego, California). Drums in Détente (1984 - 1987), LSN (1987 - ?), Antoninus (1997 - 2000), Détente reunion (2008).

Steve Hochheiser. September 25 1964 (Culver City, California). Bass in Lizzy Borden (1982 - ?, on "Rod of Iron"), Lunatic (?), Détente (1985 - 1986), Catalepsy (1986 - ?), The Douche Lords (a side project parallel to Catalepsy), Détente reunion (2008). After going solo for a while (in 1987, incidentally, he married Veronica Ross, vocalist in Catalepsy), he bought a studio and started producing. In 1989, with a divorce from Veronica, he said goodbye to the music industry. He is now a senior business analyst at a Connecticut computer company, and remarried. Steve and his wife, Kelly, have a son (Elliot, 2000) and daughter (Hannah, 2002).

Ross Montgomery Robinson. Guitar in Détente (1985 - 1986), Catalepsy (1986 - ?) and Murdercar (1989 - 1990). He is now a producer (did, among others, albums for Machinehead, Fear Factory, Limp Bizkit, Cold, Korn, Sepultura, Soulfly and, yes, Vanilla Ice :-).

Caleb Quinn. June 19 1967 (Hollywood, California). Guitar in Détente (1985 - 1986) and Catalepsy (?) (1986 - ?), Bang! (? - ?), Pusher (2003 - ?), Détente reunion (2008). In 1992 he produced an album for San Francisco singer/songwriter Matt Willis entitled "Chickenmonque", and later produced for some local bands including Manny "Psycefunkapus" Martinez and Lee "Tower of Power" Goldsmith. Back in Los Angeles he played with members of Fishbone in an outfit called Trullio Disgracious (a 30 member Funk Improv association). Then he played with Slim Freaky for several years.


"Toxic Voodoo" Fear of God line-up

Robert Ian (Rob) Michael: 15 August 1964 (Baltimore, Maryland). Bass (and vocals) in Have Mercy (1984 - September 1988), bass in Fear of God (April 1992 - August 1994) and Jakkpot (1991 - current). He's also active in Den of Germs with Chris Kalandras and Nort of Have Mercy.

Randy Bobzien: June 5 1969 (Rockledge, Florida). Guitar in Fear of God (1992 - August 1994).

Chris Kalandras: Born 29 March 1972. Guitar in Life (1992), Fear of God (September 1993 - August 1994), and various other death metal bands before and after that. He's still active in music, currently in Den of Germs with Rob Michael and Nort of Have Mercy.

John Grden (yep, it's not "Gerden", it was misspelled on the "Toxic Voodoo" CD): November 15 1964, Maryland. Drums in Speaking in Tongues (? - ?), Have Mercy (May 1986 - September 1988), Fear of God (1992 - 1996), Fog (1997 - 2000), Black Mass (? - ?), Pessimist (mid 2000 - current).

Dave Smadbeck. Keyboards on "Toxic Voodoo" (1994).


Other Détente era Members

Tiina Teal (October 21, 1970). Originally starting out behind the kit as a drummer, Tiina has been singing & screaming since 1990. She�s collaborated with various musicians and bands in Los Angeles and won �Best Anti-War Band� with her metal group, Burn The Empire (which split in January 2006). Burn The Empire (2003-2006), Lex Cadaver (2007), Voltairine (2007), studio project with Rodney McGlothlin (2007-2008), Death Benefit (2009), Détente (November 2009-current). Yes, it's her real name. She blamed her mother, who is of Finnish descent :-)

Ann Boleyn (real name Anne Hull). Vocals in the The Runaways (1976), Power Program, Beowulf, Hellion (1982 - current?) and the Détente 'reunion' line-up (2008 - 2009).

Jim Tutone. Guitar in Détente (1984). He co-wrote "Shattered Illusions" and "Vultures in the Sky".

Rob Farr. Bass in Détente (1984), also in an AOR Dokken-type band of unknown name.

Wilfred (Fred) Rascon. Guitar in Détente (1984). Also played in Dream Warrior (? - ?).

George Robb (May 12 1962, Philadelphia). Bass in Agent Steel (? - 1985; he played on the album "Skeptics Apocalypse"), LSN (Loud Senseless Noise) (1985 - 1986; 1986 - ?), Détente (1986) and 918v (around 1989). He rejoined LSN after his stint with Détente. Nowadays he's still playing, but nothing serious, only for fun. He's been working as a technical illustrator since about 1993. Most recently (2006) he's been spotted in Obscene Gesture.

Greg Cekalovich. Guitar in LSN (Loud Senseless Noise) (? - 1986, 1987 - ?) and Détente (1986 - 1987).

Rob "Wacko" Hunter. Drums in Raven (1980 - 1988) and Détente (1989). He also worked as a producer and engineer (he engineered Overkill's "Under the Influence" in 1988, Spudmunsters' "No Guarentee" in 1995, and also worked with M.O.D.). He's married and has a child.

Eric Alpert. Born in New Jersey. Drums in Détente (1989).

Chuck Stadulis. Drums in Détente (21 August 1988). He was actually drummer of Pennsylvania band Anvil Bitch (one album out on New Renaissance records, "Rise to Offend" in 1986, as well as two demos in 1984 and 1985). He helped the band out during one gig on this date.

Steve Stamato. Steve was never really a member of the band, but he once helped Détente out during a winter 87/88 gig in Montreal, Canada, to support Slayer. For more info, check out the "Within the Veil" bass credits in the FAQ. Steve was also in a band called Hans Naughty (released an album called "Paint the Town Red" in the 80's).


Other Fear of God era Members

Brendan Etter. Drums in Fear of God (1991 - 1992) and Nature (? - around 1995 - ?).

Jason Levin. Bass in a reggea band (? - ?) and Fear of God (1992).

Douglas J. Sylvia. March 28 1965 (New Bedford, Massachusetts). Drums in Geneticide (signed to Peaceville, but never released an album) (1986 - 1987), Skeletal Earth (unofficial member before 1993, then official in 1993 up to ?) and Fear of God (January 1992 - October 1992). Mid 1999 forming a new band, yet to be named.

Brandon Hefner. May 12 1970 (Richmond, Indiana). Guitar in Fear of God (1992 - September 1993).

Frank Dimauro. Guitar in Fear of God (1995).

Sparky Voyles. Guitar in Fear of God (1995?), Sadistic Torment, M.O.D., Dying Fetus and Misery Index (September 2001 - current?).

Bill Hayden: August 3 1974. Guitar in Fear of God (1995 - 1996) and Fog (1997 - 2000).

Bruce Greig: October 7 1967, Washington. ? in Desecration (? - ?), bass in Voxhumana (? - ?), ? in Sprine (? - ?), bass in Fear of God (1995 - 1996) and Next Step Up (1996 - current). Bruce also owns (owned?) and operates Bethany Recordings and Distribution.

Tony Mallory: 1973, Baltimore. ? in Pessimist (? - 1995), guitar in Chapel Blaque (1995 - current), guitar and keyboards in Fear of God (1996) and Fog (1997 - 1998).


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