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Documentary Behind The Veil link

The Documentary "BEHIND THE VEIL" The Dawn Crosby Story



Fear Of God interview 9 1993


Interview with the late Dawn Crosby from Summer 1994



A phone interview on 2-21-1991 with Dawn Crosby done by Chris of Wicked Mystic zine uploaded to share by George Jones



Fear Of God Dawn Crosby and Mike Carlino intervew on Hard N Heavy Volume 16 


Fear of God was founded in the early nineties out of the ashes of Détente. Their songs couple heavy metal riffing with intensely emotional lyrics. The band was fronted by amazing vocalist Dawn Crosby until her untimely death in 1996.
Although inevitably a kindof 'in memoriam' to Dawn, who to many embodied the essence of Fear of God, this site will also supply you with information about bands that Dawn has previously been in .

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