This is the Fear of God FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions list). Actually, answers to most of the frequently asked questions can be found in the 'band history', 'metallography' and 'bios' sections. Therefore, basically, this FAQ is an attempt to put in some FAQts that couldn't be weaved into the rest of the pages. If you have any questions yourself, please ask me


Détente Era


There's a rumour going around that Dennis and Dawn at one time 'played with Dave Mustaine' (of ex-Metallica and Megadeth fame). In fact they didn't, but they lived in the same place as Dave and Dave junior for a while in the mid eighties.

Caleb Quinn was not just any ole member of Détente. In fact, Caleb is the son of actress Patricia Quinn (of "Alice's Restaurant" fame) and god son of Marlon Brando.

Mike Carlino was, as opposed to what is claimed in a Dutch heavy metal encyclopaedia, never in Abattoir.

Dino Cazares (later of Fear Factory) auditioned several times for the spot vacated by Ross Robinson, which was later filled up by Mike. Later on, Dino was Mike's guitar roadie for a while.

Steve Hochheiser got his first baby (a boy) in January 2000.


Fear of God - "Within the Veil" Era


"Emily" is about a woman Dawn worked for.

Leila Ward Adams (February 27 1908 - February 27 1990) was Dawn's grandmother, who more or less raised her. The lyrics of "White Door" are about her.

There's some interesting stuff to be said about bass players on "Within the Veil". In fact, Blair Darby was a good live bass player but studio-wise he only played on the 1987 Détente demo. Mike Carlino played bass on the 1989 demo and most of "Within the Veil". There's another bass player on "Emily" (name not recalled by Mike), and a third bass player does "Wasted Time" (except for the fast bit, which Mike did). This third bass player was "a guy called Ken, with a mohawk, kindof cool in a way". Mike recorded the guy's auditioning, playing along with the song, and it turned out to be good. In fact, there's a fourth bassist on the album... Steve Stamato helped the band out during their winter 87/88 gig to support Slayer in Montreal (the "Reign in Blood" tour), when Blair was unavailable. He plays bass on the beginning of "Drift".

"Hard and Heavy" did a metal video magazine that included a small feature on Fear of God. It showed part of a video clip and a short interview. It took place really early in the morning; the cameras were rolling by 7:30 AM. At a certain instant, Dawn and Mike are asked how they compose their music. Dawn takes out some notebooks and Mike starts to doodle on the guitar, creating an impromptu song on the spot. They were at this time unaware that the camera was rolling, or else they wouldn't have been able to do it... This shot was used to scroll the end credits of the video magazine over. A song that never got released anywhere.

The "Wrathchild America" Fear of God line-up did only four shows, all in the Netherlands and Belgium (see gig list below). One extra gig was planned (in Brunssum, on the 11th), but that didn't happen. It's on the back of the tour T-shirt though. During these performances, the band also played a Black Sabbath cover, "Supernaut".


Fear of God - "Toxic Voodoo" Era


During live performances in 1993, free tapes were given away. These tapes were entitled "Titans of Terror II" and featured a collection of songs from Fear of God, Chaotic and Vicious Circle. The track listing was as follows: Side A "Beyond the Veil", "Judgment Day" (Chaotic), "Demons of My Past" (Vicious Circle); Side B "Santismo", "Planet Pain" (Chaotic) and "Fist of God" (Vicious Circle).

The song "Burnt" wasn't a protest or a tribute to the Koresh sect. Rather, Dawn just had an interest in the whole Waco thing and David Koresh's god complex.

The song "Mercy (a.k.a. Chris' Song)"...the "Chris" is indeed Chris Kalandras, one of the guitarists that recorded the album.

Eileen Wornous, mentioned in the album liner notes, was a convicted murderer. Apparently she's America's only female serial killer.

The song "Santismo" is about the most evil religion in the world.

Peggy Dufrene (who plays the interrogator in "Will of Evil"), worked at Sabbats Management, which was Fear of God's management at the time. The band stayed at her house while they recorded the album.

In late 1995, Michael Carlino came back to jam with the band for an evening. He and Dawn seemed very much to have gotten over the "sour" part of their relationship.

After her death, Dawn was cremated and her ashes were spread over the Laguna mountain range.

Pavement was the only label that offered Fear of God a deal. They paid the band US$ 7500 for a one-record deal.





October 6, Spirit Club, San Diego, CA (with Prowler)
December 1, Spirit Club, San Diego, CA (with Red Shark)


February 9, Chuck Landis' Country Club, Reseda, CA


February 14, Ruthie's Inn, Berkley, CA (with Legacy)
February 15, Ruthie's Inn, Berkley, CA (with Legacy)
May 12, San Francisco
September 19, Chuck Landis' Country Club, Reseda, CA (with Megadeth and Dark Angel)
September 21, Jackie Robinson YMCA, San Diego, CA (with Prowler) (Fred Rascon plays a few songs with Détente)
December 5, Los Angeles, CA


January 25, Balboa Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
May 10, Reseda, CA


March, Country Club, San Francisco (the second gig with Mike Carlino)
August 27, Long Beach, CA


One (or several?) gigs with Slayer. One in Montreal, Canada, in winter 87/88.


August 21, Empire, Philadelphia (with drummer Chuck Stadulis)

(Fear of God, classic line-up, the tour dates were provided by Steve Cordova)

June 6, Medusa's, Chicago, IL (with Ignorance)
June 7, Unicom, Milwaukee, WI (with Ignorance)
June 8, Blondie's, Detroit, MI (with Ignorance)
June 9, Empire, Cleveland, OH (with Ignorance)
June 10, Rivoli, Toronto, ONT (with Ignorance)
June 12, Paradise, Boston, MA (with Ignorance)
June 13, 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C. (with Ignorance)
June 14, CBGB's, New York, NY (with Ignorance)
June 15, J.C. Dobbs, Philadelphia, PA (with Ignorance)
June 17, Columbia, SC (with Ignorance?)
June 18, Masquerade, Atlanta, GA (with Ignorance)
June 19, Club Detroit, St. Petersburg, FL (with Ignorance)
June 20, Washington Quare, Miami Beach, FL (with Ignorance)
June 22, Pensacola, FL (with Ignorance?)
June 24, Dallas, TX (with Ignorance?)
June 26, Mason Jar, Phoenix, AZ (with Ignorance)
June 28, The Stone, San Fransisco, CA (with Ignorance)
June 29, Country Club, Reseda, CA (with Ignorance?)
A fan also mentioned a Country Club gig on June 15. This is very likely not correct.

(Fear of God, Wrathchild America line-up)

April 3, Hengelo, Netherlands
April 4, Alcatraz, Gent, Belgium
April 5, Dynamo, Eindhoven, Netherlands
April 12, Aardschokdag, Rijnhal, Arnhem, Netherlands

(Fear of God)
(most of these dates provided by Rob Michael)

?, Vino's Brewpub, Little Rock, Arkansas (prior to the release of "Toxic Voodoo")
March 24, The Loading Zone, Waldorf, MD
April 22, The Rage, Baltimore, MD
June 6, The Cell Block, Philadelphia, PA
June 8, Tiki Fa La, Dumfires, VA
June 20, Bonnies, Atco, NJ
July 2, Studio 1, Newark, NJ
July 11, Club 22, Seaford, DE (with Chaotic and Vicious Circle)
July 16 Greenbacks, Palisades Park, NJ
July 24, The Boiler Room, New Haven, CT
July 25, Confetties, Provenience, RI
August 6, Sinbad's, Philadelphia, PA (with Chaotic and Vicious Circle)
August 7, Cedar Rapids Inn, Cedar Rapids, NY (Titans of Terror II adverts list this date as Arrowhead Ranch, Parksville, NY) (with Chaotic and Vicious Circle)
August 8, L'Amour, Brooklyn, NY (with Chaotic and Vicious Circle)
August 12, Tune Inn, New Haven, CT (with Chaotic and Vicious Circle)
August 13, The Underground, New York, NY (Titans of Terror II adverts list this date as The Wave, Staten Island, NY) (with Chaotic and Vicious Circle)
August 14, Willmars Park, Brandywine, MD (Titans of Terror II adverts list this date as the Rocker Room, Rochelle, NY) (with Chaotic and Vicious Circle)
August 16, Thunderbirds, Jacksonville, NC (with Chaotic and Vicious Circle)
August 17, Jeremiah's, Charlotte, NC (with Chaotic and Vicious Circle)
August 18, Hammerjack's, Myrtle Beach, SC (with Chaotic and Vicious Circle)
August 19, The Flaming Mug, Fayetteville, NC (with Chaotic and Vicious Circle)
August 20, The Wreck Room, Atlanta, GA (with Chaotic and Vicious Circle)
August 21, Snooker's, Raleigh, NC (with Chaotic and Vicious Circle)
August 22, The Bayou, Georgetown, Washington D.C. (with Chaotic and Vicious Circle)
August 28, Twisters, Richmond, VA (with Chaotic and Vicious Circle)
August 31, Obsessions, Randolph, NJ (with Chaotic and Vicious Circle)
October 1, Fast Lane, Asbury Park, NJ
October 16, Trax, Charlottesville, VA


July 9, Willmars Park, Brandywine, MD
July 28, Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ
July 30 (?), Milwaukee Metal Fest
July 31, Bratton, NJ
November 3, Button South, Hallendale, FL
November 4, Dungeon, Jacksonville, FL
November 5, Rittenhouse Square, Winston-Salem, NC
November 6, Wilmers Park, Brandywine, MD
November 7, Factory, Richmond, VA
November 21, Cinema Bar, Salt Lake City, UT (with Incantation and Grave) (they played twice?)
November 22, Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO (with Incantation and Grave)
November 23, Pure Energy, Colorado Springs, CO (with Incantation and Grave)
November 26, Ryan's, St. Paul, MN (with Incantation and Grave)
November 27, Falcon Club, Hamtramck, MI (with Incantation and Grave)
November 28, Agora, Cleveland, OH (with Incantation and Grave)
November 30, Roxy, Long Island, NY (with Incantation and Grave)
December 1, Boppers, Waterbury, CT (with Incantation and Grave)
December 2, Mai Place, Nyack, NY (with Incantation and Grave)
December 3, Ecstasy, Salisbury Beach, MA (with Incantation and Grave)
December 4, Katina's, Hadley, MA (with Incantation and Grave)
December 6, Club Baby Head, Providence, RI (with Incantation and Grave)
December 7, Penny Arcade, Rochester, NY (with Incantation and Grave)
December 8, Pipeline, Newark, NJ (with Incantation and Grave)
December 9, Bar Dautauil, Quebec City, Canada (with Incantation and Grave)
December 10, Les Foufounes, Montreal, Canada (with Incantation and Grave)
December 12, Goodbar, Buffalo, NY (with Incantation and Grave)
December 14, Sportland Cafe, Middletown, NY (with Incantation and Grave)
December 15, The Acorn, Allentown, PA (with Incantation and Grave)
December 17, Mosh & Dance Club, Hagerstown, MD (with Incantation and Grave)
December 18, Thirsty Whale, River Grove, IL (with Incantation and Grave)
?, Snooker's, Raleigh, NC (opening for Grave)
?, Jeremiah's, Charlotte, NC (opening for Grave)
?, Roxy Music Hall, Huntingdon, NY

(Détente reunion line-up)

July 5, Tidal Wave Amphitheater, San Francisco, CA
July 19, Black Castle, Los Angeles, CA
July 25, Headbanger's Open Air, Germany
July 27, The Ballroom, Hamburg, Germany


Oct 15, Jumping Turtle, San Marcos, CA (with Riot) (cancelled)


April 28, Cafe de Vinger, The Hague, Netherlands
April 29, The Little Devil Tilburg, Netherlands
April 30, De Rots Antwerp, Belgium
May 1, Die Halle Frankfurt, Germany
May 2, The Rambler Eindhoven, Netherlands
May 6, Hafenklang Hamburg, Germany
May 7, 2010 N.V.A Club Ludwigsfelde, Germany
May 8, Amnesie Berlin, Germany (with Onslaught)
May 21, Betong, Oslo, Norway


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