Manitou Entertainment In conjunction with New Reality Films/Busted Skull Productions in alliance with The Anomaly Movement are proud to announce that with the help of director STILLBIRTH and Tony Keastead (The new webmaster in charge of & Leader of the Facebook group "Dawn Crosby Fans") we are finally moving forward on a documentary that will tell the long over due true story about the life and times of Dawn Crosby. The Documentary "BEHIND THE VEIL: The Dawn Crosby Story" will focus on her early childhood to her early demise and her impact on music history as a whole via her involvement with bands such as Fear Of God, Detente, Allies,  and .. First Attack ... But WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you were personally involved with Dawn Crosby during her short life be it As a friend, a member of her family, a bandmate or entourage/road crew etc or have any photographs, video footage/film, live concert footage/interviews with her or the bands she was in, audio interviews or music recordings by or related to her, possessions of hers, stories to tell about her from first hand encounters please contact us at DEATHRECORDSMUSIC@GMAIL.COM

Thank you in advance!!!





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